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At Carey Coaching, Coach Lisa Carey helps you learn to listen to what other people say, and what they don’t say;  see the possibilities in life;  put issues in perspective;  organize your thoughts and goals;  and then, take action!

Positive Change Starts with a Simple Phone Call

It all starts with a phone call or an email. At Carey Coaching, Lisa Carey delivers structured and client-focused coaching programs ranging in time from 12 weeks to one year. Following an initial 90-minute intake session, a custom coaching program is designed, typically requiring two to four hours of time per month. The program can then be scheduled and managed in blocks that work best for you. Typically coaching will take place by phone, but it can be done in-person or with a combination of both Fees are determined by the length and scope of the coaching objectives - objectives you set.

"You and I will develop an ongoing partnership based on trust, and I will focus my full energy and attention on you achieving your goals. I am an objective, nonjudgmental, supportive mirror who reflects the person you are and the goals you want to achieve. Providing options, new perspectives, encouragement and concentrated attention, I will give you the insight and confidence to move toward your goals. I will assist you to identify your self-imposed obstacles and further assist you to overcome them as you reach your objectives."
Coach Lisa Carey

Are you still unsure if coaching will help? Read the Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more.