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“This program has changed my relationship with my daughter”

Build Your Teen's Confidence, Courage and Compassion with Coaching

Let Carey Coaching bring out the best in your family.

3 levels of Parent Coaching Now Available!

In Person coaching (1 on 1)
Telephone coaching (1 on 1)
Group coaching (6-8 participants/group)

Download the Parent As Coach flyer (PDF document, 1MB) or call for more details

Are you wondering how to build your teenager's confidence, courage or compassion? Are you tired of the useless threats and unsuccessful efforts to motivate your teen to achieve better academic records? Are you having challenges communicating with your teenage son or daughter? If you answered yes, or nodded your head to any of these questions, Carey Coaching can help you and your family.

Lisa's parent coaching program, A Parent's Journey through the Teenage Years, is based on the book The Parent as Coach Approach: The Seven Ways to Coach Your Teen in the Game of Life, by Diana Sterling. As a parent who has learned the seven ways to coach a teenager, Lisa Carey has been a student and a teacher of this method for over five years. If you want to improve your relationship with your teenager, this is A MUST READ!

Carey Coaching's parent coaching program consists of three 45-minute coaching sessions per month for three months. All coaching sessions are conducted over the phone, making it convenient and easy. A copy of The Parent as Coach is included and offers information on a parent's journey through the teenage years.

Call 703-455-9125 or Contact Coach Lisa Carey