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Carey Coaching helps you: listen to what people say and what they don’t say, see the possibilities in life, put issues in perspective, organize thoughts and goals, and take action!

What separates Carey Coaching from other Coaching Services?

Coach Lisa Carey's strong communication skills, business acumen and 20-year Navy career set her apart from other coaches and business leaders. In the Navy, She supervised a team of 500 people, gaining valuable experience and insight into organization, goal-setting and how to effectively motivate people. On a smaller scale, but not less important, she works with parents and teens to overcome the challenges of everyday life. For businesses and executive level professionals, she addresses both the human elements and the business aspects impacting success.

“As a lighthouse, I shine my light of love on people and the pathways they choose. The philosophy of Carey Coaching is founded on the values of integrity, authenticity, compassion, and personal responsibility.I believe that all people are good, loving, and whole and want to be valued for who they are. I support individuals as they discover and then materialize their goals and dreams. I work with people to enable them to bring their values and actions into alignment so they can live an authentic life. I design personal programs based on proven leadership and management techniques and validated assessments.”
Coach Lisa Carey

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