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“We look at our own little slice of pie and let our limiting beliefs hold us back. This is where it is very important to visualize EXACTLY what you want. Tiger Woods doesn’t look at a 3’ put and think I hope I don’t miss. And YOU shouldn’t either.”
Coach Carey

Why do individuals hire a coach?

People hire a coach for the same reason that professional athletes do. They have a desire to do better. That can be in their personal life, business or anything they want.

One-on-one coaching is the most direct and individual of all methods of coaching. Depending on the goals you want to achieve, you can choose between two outcome-based coaching programs, either the 3-Month or the 6-Month program.

Each coaching program consists of three, 30-minute coaching sessions per month.

All coaching sessions are conducted over the phone, making it convenient and easy regardless of geography or time zone restrictions, not to mention travel costs. The goal is to help you find relief from your personal and professional struggles so that you can have peace of mind and the time to set and achieve all the goals you desire.

Take the first easy step and contact Coach Lisa Carey to find out how you can make your life more enjoyable and successful. Call 703-455-9125 or Contact Coach Lisa Carey